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The HHL Foundation’s mission is to promote positive growth and development, health and well-being for children and adults through providing resources, information, education, scholarships, and activities that will empower them with tools to improve and enhance their quality of life.


In 2006, three daughters founded the Howey Hudson Lowe Foundation, Inc. in memory and honor of their deceased mothers who had a passion of giving and helping others.  The HHL Foundation was incorporated in 2007 as a non-profit 501c3 tax exempt organization.

Photo above from left to right:
Brenda (Lowe) Jackson, Norma (Howey) Washington, and Goldie (Hudson) Evans, with the assistance of Miriam Maddox, established the foundation in April of 2007. After many years of serving people, helping homelessness and doing good to those in the community they decided to officially celebrate and continue the legacy of their mothers (left to right) who believed in helping and serving others too.


  • Norma Aretha Washington Howey (1917-2000)
  • Annie Jones Hudson (1919-2006)
  • Dorothy Kate Lowe (1928-1996)

It will take extremely great efforts to eradicate poverty, joblessness, sickness, and homelessness. It seems almost impossible to reach out to everyone faced with these great challenges.  Nevertheless, we know the possibility is within our reach to touch some of these individuals and families.

The HHL Foundation knows that health and well being are essential to a good quality of life. We provide free educational health fairs in various locations that include free screenings, motivational speakers, demonstrations, and current health information.

The HHL Foundation prides itself in helping others to pursue new skills and educational enrichment, personal and social development.


In 2004, three friends associated with Brenda Jackson & Associates Event Planning, Mrs. Brenda Jackson, Mrs. Norma Washington, and Mrs. Goldie Evans, used their personal finances to help people experiencing homelessness, emotional and social distresses, unemployment, and a variety of other personal problems.  By the end of the year, they realized they could not financially keep up such a great need, but was determined to try anyway.  Through a conversation, they realized that their mothers had similar traits and a strong spirit of helping others.

The Howey Hudson Lowe Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2004 and established in April 27, 2007 as a non-profit organization, and on June 4, 2009 as an IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization in memory of 3 deceased mothers: Norma Washington Howey, Annie Hudson, and Dorothy Kate Lowe.  The organization works with various local organizations and 20 dedicated volunteers to help carry out its mission to promote positive growth and development, health and well-being for children and adults.

Within 6 years, in addition to the scholarships, HHL Foundation, Inc. has provided the following services and assistance: one $500 scholarship to Georgia Perimeter College; three $1000 awards to three local organizations that provide service people with special needs; 240 car seat replacements; 47 bicycles and helmets; toys to over 1000 children;  housing assistance for 1 homeless male and 1 Hurricane Katrina victim; furniture for 4 families burned-out of a women’s shelter;  toiletries to 350 homeless people; blankets, shoes and clothing to 100 homeless people; clothing, furniture, food, transportation, toys, and basic living needs to 6 adopted families with 11 children; and serves as an intake for the United Way 211 Holiday Help Line.

In 2005, on December 10th, the associates hosted the first annual Stompin’ at The SAVOY” fall fundraiser with all proceeds after expenses to fund their outreach initiatives.  The group worked with a partner, Medical Network for Education and Research (as their non-profit fiscal agent), to manage contributions.  The event attracted 200 guests, and included dinner, dance, live show, and recognition of supporters and others making a difference in the lives of others.  The event now serves as a celebration of accomplishments and milestones of the organization.  Now in its 7th year with 350 or more guests in attendance.  An all-adult combined re-creation of the elegance of the Savoy Ballroom and the Cotton Club in Harlem with musical renditions of the big band jazz greats, singers, dancers, vendors, and great food, held every year on the 2nd Saturday in November to celebrate the years accomplishments and milestones, and acknowledge supporters and trailblazers, while raising funds and new partners to support the annual initiatives of Howey Hudson Lowe Foundation, Inc.

In 2005, the associates provided Barbara Pinson with its first $500 Educational Scholarship to Georgia Perimeter College’s Continuing and Corporate Education Department, and three $1000 awards to Given to organizations that provide for people with special needs:  Alternate Life Path, Inc., Kes Day, Inc., and Safe Haven Transitional, Inc.

In 2006, with the help of Georgia State Senator Emanuel Jones and Ynetta Johnson, the associates hosted the first “Winter Wonderland” Holiday Party at Gresham Park Recreation Center, for 75 children from Partnership for Community Action, with toys, games & prizes, live entertainment, pizza, and Santa Claus.

In 2007 the Howey Hudson Lowe Foundation, Inc. $5000 Scholarship Endowment was founded at Georgia Perimeter College and has provided annual scholarships to 3 students whose essays were chosen by a team of judges at the college.  The essay speaks about the past community and/or volunteer services provided by the student.

Former students of Brenda Jackson’s Event Coordination Class at the college’s Clarkston ConEd Center raised over $700 for the Endowment.  The annual scholarship is based on academics but on community service.  Applicants apply through the college and provide an essay stating what they have done to help improve the quality of life for someone else.  A team of college professionals chose one outstanding essay once a year.   HHL Foundation, Inc. held the 2nd Annual Winter Wonderland Toy Distribution and provided toys and clothing to 60 children and their parents who lived in the Anchor Women’s Shelter in Atlanta.   The shelter was adopted for two years.

In 2008, Mufuta Mulongo was the first recipient of a $250 HHL Scholarship to Georgia Perimeter College. 

In 2009, the organization received its IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt status.  The HHL Foundation, Inc. continues to work with various local organizations, and has 20 dedicated volunteers with various skill sets, to help carry out its mission to promote positive growth and development, health and well-being for children and adults through providing resources, information, education, scholarships, and activities that will empower them with tools to improve and enhance their quality of life.

In 2010, HHL Foundation, Inc. adopted five families from the metro Atlanta area and provided finances, food, furniture, clothing, toys, counseling, administrative support, and transportation.

Since its inception, HHL Foundation, Inc. homeless outreach has provided blankets, shoes, clothing, toiletries to over 600 people living on the streets; “Help a Child Ride” initiative provided 56 bicycles and 56 helmets for DeKalb County elementary schools; as well as the HHL Foundation, Inc.’s “Car Seat Safety Day” annual event .


Mrs. Brenda Jackson, CEO


Events Planner
Executive Director
Co-Founder of the Howey Hudson Lowe Foundation, Inc. – serving as Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder of the Howey Hudson Lowe $5000 Scholarship Endowment at Georgia Perimeter College
Co-Founderof the South DeKalb Neighborhoods Coalition, Inc.Profession:
Event Planner /Entrepreneur……Brenda Jackson & Associates since 1998.  Planned and coordinated over 200 social and corporate events from a diverse listing of 33 corporate and social clients including four healthcare organizations.  Events range from weddings to conferences for groups of 25 to 10,000, with managed budgets of $1000 to $150,000.Past Adjunct Instructor, Georgia Perimeter College Continuing Education & Corporate Education, Event Coordination Certificate Program

Mrs. Norma (Howey) Washington, Program Director


Psychiatric Social Worker and Counselor
Program Director

Co-Founder of the Howey Hudson Lowe Foundation, Inc. – Serving as Vice President

Co-Founder of the Howey Hudson Lowe $5000 Scholarship Endowment at Georgia Perimeter College
Co-Founder of the South DeKalb Neighborhoods Coalition, Inc.
Event Planner /Entrepreneur……Brenda Jackson & Associates Profession: 
Psychiatric Social Worker and Counselor, Georgia Regional Hospital,  and has a case load of 25 consumers that are serviced on a daily basis. These services involve counseling, anger management, family education and counseling, MED (medication counseling), after care resource connection, preparation for community re-entry, and linkage to community resources to help the consumer maintain without digressing for re-admittance to hospital.Entrepreneur:
Entouch Integrated Resources and Services, since l999. The company assists potential providers and individuals with the set-up of personal care homes, trains personnel and providers, referrals, resources, and counseling.  Since the inception of the company, twelve individual lives have been positively changed.Associate – Team Administrator for Brenda Jackson and Associates, providing administrative services for coordination and planning of special events.

Mrs. Goldie Evans, Treasurer



Co-Founder of the Howey Hudson Lowe Foundation, Inc. – Serving as Vice President

Co-Founder of the Howey Hudson Lowe $5000 Scholarship Endowment at Georgia Perimeter CollegeProfession: 
Retired Assistant Vice President, Trust, Bank of AmericaEntrepreneur:
J & G Services established in 2006

Marian L. Maddox, Owner, Consultant


Owner, Consultant

Brenda Jackson & Associates, Associate Secretary
Co-Founder of the Howey Hudson Lowe Foundation, Inc. – Serving as Vice President
Co-Founder of the Howey Hudson Lowe $5000 Scholarship Endowment at Georgia Perimeter College
Co-Founder of the Ninety-Nine Cents Breakfast Club
Co-Founder of the New Beginnings Investors Club

Technical Analyst  – Checkfree Corporation – Has over 20 years experience in the Information Technology field, currently employed with as a.  Checkfree Corporation is the leading provider of financial electronic commerce services and products.

Consultant – Mary Kay career for 15 years.
Consultant – AVON
Maddox Consultants – Provides administrative assistance and bookkeeping to small and midsize companies.



HHL Highlights over the years…

Since 2004, with the outstanding help of volunteers, cash and in-kind contributions the Howey Hudson Lowe Foundation, Inc. has:

  • Given assistance to house 1 Katrina victim
  • Given a fully furnished apartment for 1 homeless male
  • Given assistance to 2 families who lost jobs
  • Provided 4 rooms of furniture for 4 families burned out of a women’s shelter
  • 3500 toys and clothing for 900 children living in low income public housing
  • 45 bicycles to 45 children in our 4 Partner-in-Education elementary and middle schools
  • Counseling for over 50 families and individuals
  • Held free health fairs and cancer prevention workshops
  • One $500 educational scholarships, three $250 educational scholarships
  • 219 free car seats
  • 74 free immunizations
  • 250 boxes/bags of toiletries to people experiencing homelessness
  • Served as advocate to help a person with Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Supported  Partners-In-Education Schools
  • Giving New & Used Clothing for 94 Women and 106 Children
  • Assisted Victims of Hurricane Katrina w/Housing assistance
  • Provided  Housing Assistance and Furniture to 1-Homeless Young Adult
  • Furnished and Assisted  4 Apartments & Women’s Shelters
  • Directed and Lead 30 Free Family Counseling Sessions
  • Planned 4 Workshops & Health Fairs
  • Raised and Given 1 -$500 Educational Scholarship
  • Provided 4 $1000 Organizational Grants
  • Given 1000 Toys to youth and Families for the Holidays and Birthday
  • Technical support to start process to help a family get corrective surgery for their 5  year old girl born with an imperforate anus and ambiguous genitalia.

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